Bolivar Medical Center collaborates with vendor to reduce CT dose


Bolivar Medical Center (BMC) is providing state-of-the-art CT imaging scans while lowering the dose of radiation patients receive.  Partnering with Sapheneia, a global imaging services company, the hospital recently announced the initial results of a pilot study.

The partnership involved the implementation of Clarity CT Solution software within the radiology department at Bolivar Medical Center to address the growing concern over radiation dose exposure to patients during CT diagnostic imaging. Following the installation of Clarity, Sapheneia and Bolivar Medical Center worked together to achieve material radiation dose reduction on CT exams while maintaining or improving image quality and diagnostic confidence for head, chest and abdomen scanning protocols.

Commenting on the results of the partnership, Patrick Sewell, MD, a radiologist at BMC said:  "Even after a couple months of having the dose reduced by 30% and in many cases reduced by 55%, I am still stunned that the Clarity-processed CT images are as good or better than the full dose CT images obtained on the same CT prior to using Clarity.  The fact that we can achieve the same diagnostic quality CT at up to 55% dose reduction excites me and directly addresses the concern that many people have about radiation. It helps me to know that we are doing all we can to assure patient safety."

Sapheneia's Clarity CT Solution enhances the diagnostic quality of images based on settings optimized by the radiologist.  This enables lower radiation dose exposures while simultaneously providing radiologists with the diagnostic confidence previously available only when reading the same images at full dose.

"We are proud to collaborate with Bolivar Medical Center on reducing medical radiation dose, while maintaining and/or improving diagnostic image quality," said Hans Grahn, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Sapheneia.

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