Bolivar Medical Center Enhances the Patient Experience

July 23, 2018

Bolivar Medical Center is investing approximately $220,000 in equipment designed to enhance patient safety, quality and the overall experience. Installations include state-of-the-art wheelchairs, patient care beds, emergency stretchers, imaging upgrades and more.

Chief Financial Officer Michael Ruff recognizes the need to continuously update equipment as advancements are made in patient care.

Mike Ruff, CFO

“Bolivar Medical Center is focused on patient safety and quality care, so equipping our staff and units with the best tools as possible makes a huge difference,” said Ruff.

In the spring, twenty new transportation chairs were rolled on to the floors at Bolivar Medical Center. Safety features include a front or side loading option, a multi-brake system for maneuverability and flip-up footrests. Patients have convenient storage along the back, bottom and side of the chair. With adjustable arm rests and a wide, cushy seat, patients come and go throughout the hospital comfortably.

Four new patient care beds in Long Term Care provide comfort for residents. The new beds have positive effects on the treatment and recovery of patients using unique functional features. The enhanced safety concept of the bed includes a split side-rail system, automatic brakes and a mattress platform that helps reduce pressure ulcers.

Foundations Behavioral Health Services will soon install 12 new beds that have a contemporary design with robust construction. Tamperproof hardware, durable frame materials and a large weight capacity make this bed ideal for behavioral health facilities requiring a resilient bed frame.

Five new stretchers will be placed in the Emergency Department to best accommodate emergency patient care. The emergency room is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and treats over 1,600 patients per month. These stretchers aid in the transfer and mobility of patients during emergency circumstances.

Bolivar Medical Center also purchased a transesophageal echocardiography probe, or TEE, that uses sound waves to make pictures of the heart’s muscle and chambers, valves and outer lining, as well as connected blood vessels. The TEE provides more detail than a standard echocardiogram and can help identify problems in the heart’s structure and function.

Ruff continuously works with each department manager and the quality team to determine equipment needs.

“Bolivar Medical Center has an entire quality department that focuses on patient care and safety. We work closely with each department manager to identify areas with opportunity for enhancement,” said Ruff.

A part of LifePoint Hospitals®, Bolivar Medical Center's Emergency Department is a level 4 trauma center, and wait times are available on the website. BMC is a 164 bed acute-care general hospital accredited by The Joint Commission, which offers a full complement of medical and surgical services. The hospital also offers a wide array of outpatient services and in addition, includes a 35-bed nursing home, 12 swing beds and 12 geropsychology beds.