Bolivar Medical Center Provides Communication Line

July 24, 2020

Operating under a zero-visitor policy, Bolivar Medical Center recognized the need for a communication line that would provide status updates to authorized contacts of patients who are unable to connect directly.

Care Connect was created to establish a connection between patients who are unable to communicate directly with family members and/or loved ones. Patients that are on vents, those who do not have a mobile device or are unable to use them, patients that do not hear well enough to use a telephone, among other scenarios, have relied on this communication line to keep their loved ones up to date on their status.

An access code is assigned to the patient at registration and is used to verify patient information on the Care Connect line. Care Connect is staffed by hospital employees that have experience working with patient charts and information. They are able to provide real-time information for those individuals calling Care Connect.

Care Connect responders understand the magnitude of the role they play in connecting patients with loved ones.

“Family members are under a lot of stress due to the unknown and them not being able to stay with their loved ones.  It is great that we are able to provide a line of communication between the patient’s family and the hospital providers to help ease the minds of the family members,” said Tammy Glorioso, Physical Therapist and Care Connect Responder at Bolivar Medical Center.

Care Connect is staffed seven days a week by responders who understand the value of this communication line and what it means to our community.

“It brings me joy and gives me ‘peace of mind’ to know that I can check on someone when their family is not able to visit,” said Regan Burd, Occupational Therapist and Care Connect Responder. “I know I would like this if I was in their shoes.”

Some of the common questions received so far involve the patient status, test results or a physician report, according to Amanda Holloway, Physical Therapist and Care Connect Responder. Holloway reviews charts, results and reports to be able to provide the caller with the requested information.

This pandemic is uncharted territory for all of us. As your healthcare provider, we are always seeking ways to best serve our community. The Care Connect line is just one way that Bolivar Medical Center is continuing with the ES1, or Every Single One, culture during this pandemic.