CoSE Survey Begins Here!

October 3, 2017

It’s time again for our CoSE survey! This survey provides important data about all of our efforts to create and maintain a safe and engaging work environment. We all have a role to play in making BMC the very best it can be. Everyone’s participation is very important so that we can learn how to make our hospital an even better place where people choose to come for care, physicians want to practice and employees…like you… want to work.

You can log on to take the survey at

Your responses will be anonymous.

The survey will be deployed October 6, 2017 and remain open through October 27, 2017. It will also be administered electronically through a web link delivered via email and also will be posted on SharePoint home page. Bolivar Medical Center encourages you to take just a few minutes (it should take approximately 10 minutes) to complete the survey and provide honest, thoughtful feedback. We greatly value your insight and are eager to hear from you. Thanks in advance for your support of this initiative.