Expert Support For New Mothers at Bolivar Medical Center

July 6, 2018

Christy Jenkins, RN, BSN, CLC

Encouragement and praise are what new mothers receive at Bolivar Medical Center from Certified Lactation Counselor Christy Jenkins, RN, BSN, CLC. 

Jenkins earned the lactation certification over a year ago and has since been providing clinical breastfeeding counseling and support to families that are welcoming new babies at Bolivar Medical Center. Through her certification, Christy has demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude to be the expert on site and a valuable resource to new mothers.

“My certification is valuable to mothers who have never breastfed or have had a bad experience in the past due to a  multitude of reasons. I try to help alleviate fears and reassure confidence. Encouragement and praise are the biggest tools in my arsenal,” said Jenkins.

Christy has cared for patients and families for over 28 years at Bolivar Medical Center, and her reward is seeing that bond between mother and baby.

“I love labor and delivery anyway, but helping a new mother to breastfeed is a very rewarding experience. To see that mother have such a bond with her new baby is the best feeling in the world,” said Jenkins.  

As with most areas of medicine, advancements and improvements are constantly taking place. The medical team that works with new mothers is provided hands-on training for breastfeeding support, skin-to-skin contact and other post-partum areas. Christy is excited to see all of the advancements being made to the child birth experience in Cleveland, Miss.

The nursing team receives hands-on
training for new mother support.

“From skin to skin and rooming in after delivery to breastfeeding and observation of the golden hour after delivery (bonding time for mother and baby), all

procedures are done at bedside,” said Jenkins. “We would love for anyone interested in breastfeeding, child birth classes or a tour of labor and delivery, to feel free to call us.”

Child birth classes are offered for new mothers and their partners and/or labor coaches. Call 662-846-2559 for more information.

Jenkins is a Cleveland native and attended Cleveland High School before graduating from Delta State University.