Extern Program Offers Experience at Bolivar Medical Center

August 28, 2018

Bolivar Medical Center welcomed the inaugural group of nurse externs from Delta State University and Mississippi Delta Community College (MDCC) for quality experience and training this summer.

Five students that met the program qualifications and human resources requirements were chosen to complete the 320 hour program. They attended orientation prior to beginning the externship in June.

Buffiesha Faulknor attends MDCC and served in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) during the externship. She reflected on the difference between her experiences as a physician’s scribe in the emergency department.

“Being a scribe with physicians, I get a lot of exposure, but it’s completely different to be able to work hands on with the patients,” said Faulknor. “I gained a lot of confidence and can walk in to a patient’s room with the confidence now.”

Brantley Hutchinson, MDCC student, worked with the team in the Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit. She appreciated the hands on training and the opportunity to get used to a floor full of patients.

“It’s great to have people that want to help you and will take the time to help you,” said Hutchinson. “You get to see a lot more patients in this externship versus a patient assignment during an academic course.”

Craig Sparks, also a student at MDCC, served in the Emergency Department and had a rather unique experience of delivering a baby in the parking lot during an emergency situation.

Delta State University student Taylor Barr worked with team in the ICU at Bolivar Medical Center, and Reagan Walker, MDCC student, served in the Medical-Surgical Nursing Unit.

Whitney Lee, RN, worked with the student group and recognized their eagerness to learn.

“It was such a great group. They were eager to learn and want to take in all the new stuff. They were always so positive and a wonderful fit in the BMC culture,” said Whitney.

Each extern worked with a specially trained preceptor during the summer to gain the quality experience needed to provide excellent patient care. Bolivar Medical Center strives to provide an enriched and comprehensive learning experience for student nurses.

For questions about the externship program, contact Kaffie Denley, RN, Director of Education at Bolivar Medical Center, at 662-846-2534.