Behavioral Health Services Available

April 26, 2021

Foundations Behavioral Health at Bolivar Medical Center is now accepting patients after a nearly $870k renovation.

Foundations Director Jennifer Estes said the renovation allows for comprehensive behavioral health care to this in need.

“The renovation has equipped the unit to provide the physical environment that allows comprehensive behavioral health care to individuals who are in need of inpatient treatment. The renovations also ensure our compliance with government regulations and guidelines to hold patients by promoting preventive and treatment strategies prior to and during a time of crisis,” said Estes.

Behavioral health is an important need for a wide range of individuals in our community Estes explains.

“Individuals across all ages, ethnicities, genders and race are in need of behavioral health services, even more so now since affected by COVID-19. Daily stressors and other contributing factors impact behavioral health every day, and our qualified professionals are prepared to take care of those in need of treatment,” said Estes.

Foundations is staffed with clinical personnel around the clock, and they are trained to build rapport with the patients in order to provide effective treatment.

Services at Foundations Behavioral Health are designed for persons age 55 and over with a mental illness or cognitive decline that hinders daily life, who has become a threat to self or others, or is limited in self-care ability.

“Our services include a free initial consultation, which is completely confidential, a thorough assessment by a licensed psychiatrist, a customized treatment plan, follow-up care and management of secondary medical needs,” added Estes.

Foundations staff can help manage behavioral health concerns with treatments such a therapy, counseling or medication. If you or a loved one is experiencing changes in the ability to cope with daily living, Foundations at Bolivar Medical Center is here to help. For referrals, call 662-846-2590 , or to learn more visit